Addah Project

Addah is a coastal town and community in Ivory Coast. Its population is about 1’500 habitants.


In Ivory Coast, the access to clean water is pretty well organized and for about 80% of the population drinking water is available. In distant villages, drinking water still remains to be difficult to access and help is needed to ensure health.
NVTerra S.A. together with Swissbluetechbridge, local authorities and organizations supports a project in Addah in order to purify water from a well close to the village.


Water Tower at Addah

The project started in end 2013 and is now in the design and administration phase. It is targeted to install and rund the first machine within the 2nd half of 2014.

dalle Addah

The prepared foundation for the housing of the equipment.

On this page we will report about the further progress of the project.