The aim of the water purification technology from NVTerra is to replace to a maximum the use of chemical products, through electrochemical reactions.

NVTerra is the technology owner of the water purification process by in-situ production of a coagulant named Ferilec.

Our patented process is based on 3 main steps:

  • The production of Bleach with salt: Oceanef,
  • The production of coagulant via electrolysis: Ferilec
  • Further filtering steps will help purify the water.

Only 3 consumables, easily available throughout the world makes the water purification process efficient and locally affordable!

  • Salt (NaCl)
  • Iron (Fe)
  • Electricity (i.e. 5kW connection)

Our patented electrochemical technique led to an innovative solution:

  • The developped process is clean,
  • it reduces the manipulation and storage of  dangerous products
  • and minimizes the formation of undesirable and clumsy waste.

This mastership is possible thanks to a perfect knowledge of the electrodes, the electrolysis and a judicious choice of the materials constituting the electrolysors.