Ferilec is a ferric coagulant, produced in a system composed of 2 electrochemical reactors. The assembly of the 2 electrolysers constitutes the NVCoag equipment.

NVTerra developed the units NVAqua, to treat raw surface water with reactive compounds produced in-situ in the machines, where the technique to produce the coagulant is a core unit.

In fact, NVTerra develops units in which the basic products, necessary for the treatment, are simple products, inexpensive, easy to find and to store. These products are salt, iron and electricity.

The coagulant Ferilec, an oxy-hydroxide of Iron is formed from the electrolysis of metal Iron in the FERILEC electrolyser, combined to the addition of hypochlorite (formed in the independant unit Oceanef).

A solid suspension of oxy-hydroxide of Iron is forming, this is the Ferilec coagulant. This coagulant is constituted by aggregates of nanoparticles.