Ferilec qualification

Further tests and comparisons with iron chloride have been conducted by the High School of Engineers HES-SO-Vs at Sion (Switzerland).

The following results concerning the kinetics of precipitation of phosphates were obtained

The graph shows that the reaction with phosphate is more rapid with Ferilec at the beginning of the process up to the moment less than 1mg/l phosphate is reached. The results are positive and from all data reported in the test phase it appears that Ferilec fits for the use in the water treatment.

The properties of Ferilec are similar to those of FeCl3, the ferric chloride solutions, to treat water, to precipitate phosphates, to coagulate colloids, and concerning the adsorption of pollutants Ferilec is better. Ferilec economically replaces the ferric chloride solutions and in addition, on the safety side, it has not the disadvantages of the ferric chloride solutions, the liquid FeCl3 being acidic, corrosive and aggressive.

The solutions of FeCl3 are used in very large quantities in the waste water treatment plants. They are carried over long distances with tank-trucks, their carbon footprint is not negligible. The alternative product Ferilec is more respectful for the environment as it is produced on the site of use.