Product Range

Every application needs the right configuration

The core technology of NVTERRA is adaptable to manifold applications. We segment our basic product range into 3 categories:

  • NVAqua: realization of drinking water from rivers and ponds.
  • NVSani: treatment of used waters to the level of river water
  • NVCoag: industrial use of Ferilec

Please find on our website some possible adapted and standardized product designs as our purification process is adaptable to most contaminations and water sources.









The finality of the process developed by NVterra is to preserve groundwater reserves by treating surface water (rivers and lakes) or polluted wells, and by avoiding stocking and handling of dangerous chemicals.
These micro plants, which are pre-built and very easily installed, are aimed to increase the supply of clean water wherever a lack exists.
They have applications in touristic sites (hotels, restaurants, camping grounds, holiday centers), which are the main reason of development in many countries.
The micro plants have as well applications in the agro-food industry (such as beverage networks) and in agricultural exploitations.
At the same time, the micro plants have been made to help populations without an access to drinking water: slums and hospitals in urban areas, villages and dispensaries in rural areas.