Product Range NVSani



NVSani installation are designed to treat polluted wastewaters issued from household or agriculture. NVSani is used for waters with a high DBO5value. The water produced by an NVSani is treated in order to be released in rivers or ponds or to be recycled. NVSani can be customized in order to produce drinking water (see NVAqua). The DBOs treated in the aerobic and anaerobic filters.

The different steps of an NVSani can be compared to those of the NVAqua. The differences are the following: NVSani does not use the same fine-polishing steps as the NVAqua: UF, NF or RO are not used in this case. After treatment in the NVSani, the water is preferentially disinfected with UV at the end. The NVSani can produce up to 200 m3 drinking water per day