Machine design principles, Main advantages

Our principle approaches in the machine design are based on 4 main methodologies:

  • Simplicity in manufacturing, use and maintenance
    • Fast access to any movable parts
    • Reduced number of suppliers
    • Standardized remote access to the PLC
  • Container sized design
    • The equipment is built to go in standardized logistic containers, which reduces transportation costs
    • Container as housing, adapted to the local climate
  • Low power consumption
    • Approx. only 5kW power needed for 100 m3 / day
    • Possibility to supply energy by Solar power stations
    • Optimized cleaning and operational processes
  • Long lifetime
    • Water containing and floating parts are designed for a use over decades

machine design

Further, basic elements in our machine design:

  • Full graphic Human Interface
  • Possibility of remote control and supervision. (GSM or Internet availability is necessary)
  • Different access levels for user and maintenance